fredag 17 oktober 2008

Giving you a break

That´s what I am doing now.

On the mountainslopes by Mt Everest there will be no computers or mobile-phones. Only yaks, sherpas, stones, some waterstreams...

Come back in a while and I will give you the story of a dreamjourney.


torsdag 16 oktober 2008

Let´s throw Jante in the BadBox!

Tonight I went to a seminar at Berghs School of Communication. We focused on presentations, voice control and expressions. Compare the impact of a person who takes charge on stage, with a person who is reserved and speaks with an anxious image! The message will reach the audience much more effectively in the former case.

In Sweden we must - unfortunately - relate to the Law of Jante, which keeps many persons from taking the space they need and want. Let´s throw Jante in the BadBox! There is room enough for everyone. The Americans are better at this than we are. We can learn from them.

The speaker at this seminar was Per Furumo, voice coach. Visit him at

Together with Per and two more consultants, I am creating a seminar about personal branding and the importance of being "in sync" at your job. More information about this seminar in days to come.

onsdag 15 oktober 2008

When have we succeeded?

We need to celebrate success. If we don´t know when it is time to celebrate, our motivation may drop. That goes for both personal and professional matters, both large and small issues. So how do we know when we have succeeded?

Some know it through gut-feeling. Some know it by measurements. Some combine different methods in order to know when they have reached their goal.

According to research made by Stockholm School of Economics, advertising agencies are bad at showing the effect that their campaigns bring about. It may be a challenge to find the right measuring methods, but it is an essential part of the work. How would we know if we have succeeded, if we have no way of showing it? (More about this in todays´edition of Dagens Industri, Oct 15 2008).

So we know where we are. We know where we are going. We know when we have reached our goal. We know when it is time to celebrate!

From a dogs´ viewpoint

A year ago a new veterinary hospital opened up in Gothenburg - Västra Djursjukhuset. Their start has been fantastic. They work with high competence and take care of their clients - the animals and their owners - in a very personal (animal) and professional way.

The marketing of this veterinary hospital has been quite different. As a start, there was a dog-demonstration on the Avenue of Gothenburg with hundreds of dogs meeting up to demonstrate for better veterinary care. There have been fragrance bottles for dogs, where they can smell their favorite vet. All marketing is aimed directly towards the animals. It is very different, fun and brilliant, created by ANR BBDO.

Västra Djursjukhuset/ANR BBDO is now nominated to "100-wattaren", the Swedish competition that rewards campaigns which are highly effective on the market.

I´m wishing you Good Luck! This year I won´t be objective. I would vote for you.

tisdag 14 oktober 2008

Expectations can build a brand

At least if we deliver as much as or more than our clients expect.

I had some sort of childish expectation as I steered my car towards the villages Bullerbyn and Katthult in Småland a couple of weeks ago, after a workshop with my local client. This is where the Bullerby-kids used to live. And this is where Emil in Lönneberga hoisted his sister Ida to the top of the flagstaff.

There were no children running around. Still it was just as I expected. Red houses. A white wooden gate. A cat strolling by. Idyllic.

So Astrid Lindgren, the author of these books for children, managed to build such a strong image in my mind, that I still - after more than 30 years - get good vibes from these names and places. What can we learn from her?

Astrid Lindgren said: "You have to experience yourself as a child if you write for children." So we need to experience ourselves as our clients in order to deliver good results.

An adventure is coming up

In just a few days, I´ll be heading to Nepal. And in another two days, I´ll be heading towards Basecamp Everest. Although this trip has been planned for more than half a year, it feels quite unreal.

I´ve been on mountains before - oh yes. High mountains, snowcovered mountains, too high mountains, green mountains, foggy mountains, hilly mountains... This is special though. We won´t try to climb Mt Everest - oh no. But we will look at her in real life, hopefully from Basecamp or maybe Kala Pathar - a neighbour-mountain which is said to offer a great view of Everest.

They say that most top-expeditions are active during the spring-period. This is the fall-period. Will there be any expeditions at basecamp? I hope so. I´d like to watch the activity. I´d also like to find out what kind of people would actually try to climb this majestic mountain. Are they all athletes, or could there be a few who have a dream which might be a bit drastic to carry out?

We will stay in tea-houses, probably a bit warmer and more comfortable than sleeping in a tent on this altitude. I´m quite humble about this trip. I have had altitude-sickness on a mountain lower than this one. However, many days of acclimatizing should do the trick. And just walking on those mountain-slopes will be half the adventure.

Actually, I wish that our trip was another month away. Looking forward to it and training for it has been fun. Building expectations is always an important part of an experience or a brand. When those expectations are fulfilled, it is worth the price and the effort. I will let you know.

måndag 13 oktober 2008

Every now and then, there has to be a fire in the forest

That´s what he said, my friend who came over for tea today.

We feel threatened when the forest is on fire. We want to put it out as quick as possible and stop its´advance - especially when it is ravaging close to our homes.

Forest-fires have always existed. Thanks to the fires, variety has been shaped in the forests for a long period of time. Nature is served by this. During the fire, nourishing substances are being released. From the heat and the nourishment, some new types of plants start to grow.

Maybe the same goes for financial crises. We feel threatened and want to stop its´ ravage as quick as possible, especially when the crisis approaches our bank accounts. However - to shape the society and make things grow in a new way, we need a break from the fast lane. New things will come out of this. We will survive.

To blog or not to blog

Last week I still considered most blogs to be quite uninteresting (I´m not always an early adapter when it comes to new techniques and such...). However, I learned at a communication-seminar on Tuesday that social medias are more and more powerful. Journalists loose their power in comparison with well-known bloggers. Everybody can influence the news. Through the blogs news travel fast and can be commented instantly by the public.

A BBC-reporter (Robert Peston) has recently revealed some information about the UK banks on his blog. Some people consider his blog-information to have contributed to the downfall of the market this week. Even though blogs are more informal than traditional communication-channels, information is still information. And it travels fast!

" makes me wonder if Blogs now really are coming of age, and that whilst the writing style may be more informal, they are now an integral part of serious business communication strategy."
says Phil Calvert on Ecademy

So I guess we should all look out for the most interesting blogs. That´s where things happen now.

The Story of Stuff

Whether we need to lower our expenses or not in these strange "times of crisis", it is a great time to look at how we use stuff and maybe make some changes. If not for the economy, we can do it for the environment. Get some inspiration in this movie:

And since we´re talking about using material and stuff in a new way, it´s easy to start thinking about packaging. We´ve come a long way, but we still use too much stuff to protect and keep the products within. The egg must be the most brilliant pack in the universe. It protects and keeps, it´s compact, sustainable and easy to open for everybody. However, it is not the best one to transport...

The best package of the year 2008 was appointed by the Swedish Rheumatism Association. Tetra Pak won the prize for their new milk-package Tetra Brik Edge. "Easy to handle and easy to open" was the motivation.

Let´s see if we can find some more good packages (or bad).

Opera The Dog

Opera is visiting for a few days. She´s a dog. A black labrador to be specific.

When we go walking in the park, people stop and chat. Mainly about Opera of course. But I also realise that they have certain preconceived notions about me as a dog-walker (or dog-owner as people would assume). It is a positive experience.

So my own image is different now that I have dog-company. Opera is a black labrador. What would happen to my image if she was a poodle or a dachshund or maybe a German Shepard? Would people treat me in a different way?

The same goes for people. We judge people partly by the networks they belong to - or don´t belong to. We might not like it, but it is a fact to relate to.

Bud Bilanich says it like this: "Join only those organizations and associate only with those people whose values are in line with your own. If you aren’t comfortable with your surroundings, you’ll have a hard time making a positive personal impact."

I´m taking another walk with Opera.

Going to the movies

We went to the movies last Sunday. Suddenly - after buying the mandatory popcorn - I found myself sitting in a rocking-chair-seat. Comfortable. Red satin. Lots of leg-space.

The movie was ok. The experience of the seat was great. I will remember the seat longer than I will remember the movie-plot. That´s how to add value through an experience. Added value beyond our expectations will justify a higher price the next time we come back.

I was happy. The movie-parlour is happy. Good thinking.

Some have it.

Some stores have it. Some don´t.

Today I visited one of the largest Stockholmian stores for outdoor-equipment. They have a well-known brand with a good image. However, it seemed like something had happened - the staff were doing something else, the lay-out of the store made products hard to find and it was messy. I didn´t stay. I went somewhere else. I won´t be back for long. I wonder if they realized that they lost some sales on me...

Imagine a store with qualified and service-minded staff, shelves filled with great stuff and an attractive and selling interior. How easy it is to buy too much in a store like that - and to be happy about it!

Branding continues day and night, all year around. Good branding pays.


When I bring my fantastic camera on a walk or trip, my eyes start observing new things. Sometimes I find motives close-up, sometimes they are panoramic or with a birds view. I imagine that blogging will be a bit like that - snapshots of my world, but in a written form. It is time to start. Welcome.