lördag 8 augusti 2009


Madonna is in Sweden tonight. She is extremely proffessional and focused. Still I´d say that she hasn´t reached the point of turning into a sterile moneymachine. She has some kind of heart and warmth in what she does, although it is hard to understand how she does that with such a strong image to care for.

I don´t have a ticket for the concert tonight. I´ll be eager to get the concertnews from my friends. I am sure that the concert will be fantastic.

torsdag 6 augusti 2009

The value of your staff

The people in your company are the most important parts of your brand. They interact with your clients and with other people in your network. They also interact with eachother and spread rumors and atmosphere in the company. If your staff is positive and inspired, then your brand will have a good chance to be radiated and perceived in a positive way.

When you hire new people - make sure that they will represent your company in a good way. You will at least need to have some basic values in common.

When you evaluate your existing staff - encourage the ones that help you build your brand. Try to log out the ones who will hurt your brand based on a bad attitude and negative interactions with your clients.

The people are extremely important when it comes to building a brand. Make sure that you choose the unique ones that represent you in a good way! It will make a big difference!