fredag 12 juni 2009

Intelligent speaking

I have been told that people who speak fast are fast-thinkers and quite intelligent. I am a slow speaker, partly because of my heritage and my accent. Would that mean that I am also a slow thinker?

I just read some recent research: slow speakers appear to be more intelligent to the listener, because of a clearer way of delivering their message. The most important thing is not how much you manage to say in a short time. The most important thing is what the listeners manages to understand.

My conclusion is this: if I think fast and speak slow, I am as intelligent as I appear to be. (Not saying that I appear to be intelligent, though.)

måndag 8 juni 2009

Branding a nation

In how many ways can you brand a nation?

There is the language, the flag, the currency, the geographic pecularities... There is the culture, the mindset of the people, the music...

There is a certain piece of music which - next to the flag - may be the most special symbol of the nation - the national anthem.

The Swedish national anthem was composed in 1844. It wasn´t meant to become the national anthem. It just became popular, and over the years it was sung more and more. In the 1930´s it was played at the end of the Swedish Radio-telecasts and was accepted as the national anthem.