tisdag 16 november 2010

Guts and integrity

It takes guts and integrity to be a good leader. Guts to work with the company´s best interest in focus and still stand behind the co-workers and inspire them. Integrity to be trustworthy and consistent to people and projects, even when stressed and bruised.

It shouldn´t have to be so hard.

There are lots of good people out there - especially among the ones who haven´t choosen to take on ordinary leading roles. Maybe companies and organisations try to form their leading roles so boxy, that they are to tight for the good ones. The good ones lead their lives outside the ordinary companies with the boxy boxes.

I´d like to see some more creative companies, who strive to form new kinds of organisations. There should be enough space for the good ones to grow there themselves, to make others grow and to make the business grow. It shouldn´t have to be so hard. It just takes som guts and integrity from the existing leaders.