fredag 13 november 2009

Personal branding is growing

The expression "Personal Branding" may not be old. Building an image is an old phenomenon, though. People have done that for ages. It is hard not to. All of us give an impression to the people we meet, whether we like it or not. It is a 24/7-activity.

People talk more and more about personal branding. There is a hype coming up. What we need to remember, is that your personal brand is built from within. You can not construct a brand which isn´t genuine. Well you can, but it will not live for a long time. People will see through your shell quite soon.

If you decide to be in charge of your personal brand, you will need to define your values and goals. Based on this, you can move on to building your image. The more clear and consistent you are when it comes to your personal brand, the easier it is for people in your surroundings to understand who you are and respond to that.

Everything you say and everything you do gives people an impression of who you are. Take charge of your personal brand!