onsdag 21 januari 2009

Fulfilling expectations

He uses "we" instead of "I" when he speaks about challenges to deal with. That´s a part of good leadership.

All in all I´m quite impressed by Barack Obama and the image he has managed to develop together with his team of talented marketingpeople. They have built huge expectations. Now they need to fulfill them. For that, it takes a leader who involves people around himself in a positive way. He aims to share the challenges and he also aims to share the rewards. With good intentions, he will bring a positive change to the world. And since so many people are positive about this, some of the challenges will be taken care of by the overall positive attitude and the upgoing spiral.


måndag 19 januari 2009

Like a kinderegg

I changed my mind. Touring on ferries to Åland have been close to the bottom of my list for a long time. I couldn´t understand why people would want to spend time getting drunk and spending money on games while being stuck on a big boat. Now I understand better. It is more than that.

We had a reason to go on the cruise. The fantastic The Real Group would be singing and giving us some good advice on how to create a good sound. And they did. They are really outstanding.

Besides that, I now look at that big boat as a package full of experiences. Good music, ok food, nice company, beautiful views, ok shopping... And you get it all at a bargain-price. Just hop on the boat, find your cabin and then go out and get a packed schedule of experiences for 23 hours. Like a big floating kinderegg: some surprises, some workshops and some food. All in one. Branding through experiences is powerful! So I should give this company some cred: www.vikingline.se

However, I still think that having good company is half the entertainment. I hardly noticed the not-so-good-stuff because of them.