måndag 2 mars 2009

Acting on the edge

Many of us choose to live parts of our lives on the edge. We climb mountains, dive oceans, exercise almost fanatically... We also meditate, go on retreats where no-one is talking, faste for many days, eat only bananas for a week (I actually did that as a student, to fit into a favorite prom-dress...I don´t even like bananas!) , eat only raw food, avoid additives... We are either superactive or superlazy, either superengaged or superindifferent.

Many of us choose the extremes in one way or the other.

I have learnt from a colleague - an aikidomaster - how important it is to have a balance between activity and rest. And between active rest and restful activity.

All in all, we are coming back to our own wellbeing. And our wellbeing is part of our personal brand.

On May 15th we will hold a seminar in Stockholm, where you will be able to learn more about personal branding in an inspiring way. Visit our website and come join the seminar together with your friends and colleagues! It will be a fantastic day!


At the seminar you will meet Per Furumo - voicecoach, Lena Gustafsson - consultant in relations, Anna-Karin Lingham - consultant in branding and businessdevelopment and Jan Nevelius - aikido master. A different and inspiring combination of knowledge and experience.

The art of genuinity

Being genuine is becoming trendy.

Restaurants have food which can be tracked back to the farmer. Barack Obama ran a marketing campaign which was considered by many to be genuine. We grow our own food and make our own gifts. We like food and products which haven´t been transported all over the world in order to reach us. Small producers are in.

Most of all, I believe in genuine people. Genuine people are interesting. Genuine people are longterm winners.