lördag 9 januari 2010

Let´s Dance

Let´s Dance is on again. I´m a bit amused by the way the TV-channel chooses the participants. It is a good mix. It is also fun to see that the best dancers may certainly not be the most popular ones when the viewers are voting. Charm and some kind of uniqueness is more important. I also think that the clumsy ones - which some of us may be able to associate with - get voted for.

The carpenter Willy is certainly not a good dancer so far - at least not traditionally speaking. However, he is fun to watch and he has lots of charm. I am sure that he will stay in the competition for quite a while.

The pretty fashiongirl Elin could be getting lot´s of fancy-votes. She didn´t. She´s among the three on the bottomlist.

Some build their personal brands by participating in this competition. I believe that Gudrun is trying to win some votes for her political party by doing this. Time will tell if she will succeed. At least she gets some more airtime than others.

I am surprised that the tough soccerplayer Victoria had to wear such a princesslike dress. It didn´t suit her at all. She didn´t look comfortable in it. She should be styled in a much tougher way, in order to follow the brand that she already has. If it continues like this, she will be out in a blink.

This program is a goody-bag when it comes to studying personal branding. Some will succeed, some will be less fortunate.