onsdag 4 februari 2009

The Pharmacy reform

The monpoly of the Swedish Pharmacy will turn into a competitive branch of trade in a few months. Anyone will be able to start a pharmacy, as long as there are certified pharmacists working there. Today there are about 900 pharmacies in Sweden. Half of them will be sold to other parties. We can probably expect players like Boots on our market in times to come.

The Swedish Pharmacy will move into this new competitive situation with their heads held high. They are modernising their visual identity - although they keep the basics so that people will feel secure and can trust their longterm thinking. There will be more private label as part of their branding- and differentiationprocess. They spend time, money and energy on education, so that every single co-worker will be a natural part of the new Apoteket. The storeconcept will be more modern than before.

I am looking forward to this change, although I guess I will feel a bit confused in the beginning. Who shall I choose when I need special bandaid for my sore trekkingfeet in the future? More choices, more possibilities.

måndag 2 februari 2009


Unlike other resources, time can not be bought or sold, borrowed or stolen, stocked up or saved, manufactured, reproduced or modified. All we can do is make use of it.

Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber

söndag 1 februari 2009

Brand Extension part II

One of the insurance-companies in Sweden has opened up stores where they sell some trendy products for our kitchens. They say that they want to meet their clients before there is an accident and get a chance to teach them how to avoid accidents.

I am not yet convinced about this type of brand extension. It seems like a giant step away from their core business. I may be wrong - and I hope so, since I am one of their clients - but why would I choose to buy my kitchen-stuff in their stores? They are specialists when it comes to insurances, but not when it comes to trendy products for my kitchen. At least that is what I believe. They need to convince me. I don´t need that kind of excuse to get advice about my insurances. Or do I?

When we extend our brand, we need to balance between being brave and being logic. Our customers will wonder what is going on if they can´t associate the brand with the new businessarea. At the same time, they will enjoy positive surprises.

In this case, I can´t really tell if this will be a flip or a flop. We´ll see - and let´s hope for a flip.