onsdag 15 oktober 2008

When have we succeeded?

We need to celebrate success. If we don´t know when it is time to celebrate, our motivation may drop. That goes for both personal and professional matters, both large and small issues. So how do we know when we have succeeded?

Some know it through gut-feeling. Some know it by measurements. Some combine different methods in order to know when they have reached their goal.

According to research made by Stockholm School of Economics, advertising agencies are bad at showing the effect that their campaigns bring about. It may be a challenge to find the right measuring methods, but it is an essential part of the work. How would we know if we have succeeded, if we have no way of showing it? (More about this in todays´edition of Dagens Industri, Oct 15 2008).

So we know where we are. We know where we are going. We know when we have reached our goal. We know when it is time to celebrate!

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