fredag 13 februari 2009

A pool of talents

It is important for companies to secure their future growth. One way to do this is to identify strong talents in the organization, map out their abilities and driving forces and make sure that they have positions that keep them motivated.

When a keyperson leaves the company, it will be easier to find their succeeder if there is a pool of talents to search in.

Tingle tangle for dogs and dogs as tingle tangle

Handmade Swedish necklaces for dogs are popular among celebrities. Liza Minelli and Kate Ryan are two of the clients to designer Mikael Hellner. These necklaces cost quite a lot, but of course it is important to spend money on your best friend... After watching how Paris Hilton treats her little Chihuahua, some people get inspired to spend money on these products.

My great friend Elisabeth "Badde" Bademo, one of the talented veterinarians at Västra Djursjukhuset in Gothenburg, spoke on the local radiostation about how pets have become the new accessoar for people. Don´t buy a new necklace. Buy a dog instead…

torsdag 12 februari 2009

The police - the good guys

When I speak about branding at seminars, I usually let people associate to different brands by showing some logotypes. It is an interesting exercise. Last week I asked 400 persons to associate to “Polisen”, the Swedish Policeforce. The words were quite critical and hard. Someone associated to “law and order”, but mainly there were negative associations.

We have incidents in Sweden now where some specific persons in the policeforce have behaved badly. It wears off on the whole brand. Although we know that most policemen and policewomen do their job in a fantastic way, those incidents are really devastating to their rumour and their brand.

20 000 Swedish policemen and women have voted for values which they think are important to the policeforce. It has resulted in three keywords: engaged, effective and available. These words are supposed to pervade everything that is done by the police. However, they need to fill these words with a meaning in order to make them valuable and visible to the Swedish citizens.

Values in the Policeforce

A doctor and a loveletter-receiver

Torsten Olbers, a surgeon at the hospital Carlandska in Gothenburg, has been elected ”most popular doctor ” in Sweden. He works with overweight-surgeries, which means that many of his patients can start living in a completely new way after the surgery.

This surgeon seems to put an honor in doing his best and he also enjoys the contacts with his patients. Torsten Olbers is building his personal brand in a successful way – probably without thinking about it. Being elected as “most popular doctor” should be quite an honor. I wouldn´t be surprised if there will be a docu-soap about him soon.

We have one more winner today: When Swedes vote for who they would prefer to send a loveletter to, they choose Mikael Persbrandt, the actor. This is according to a survey made by the Swedish Postoffice. Well, if they want to send him a loveletter, they probably will. This guy will drown in loveletters on Valentine´s Day. Good for him.

tisdag 10 februari 2009

Celebrities may strengthen a brand

Sometimes brandowners ask celebrities to support their brand through PR and marketing-activities. They bring some kind of starquality and trustworthyness to the brand that they support.

Sportspeople are probably the most common faces in commercials. However, even personalities from the world of culture are becoming more common. Insurancecompanies and banks are starting to choose celebrities as frontfigures in their marketing. Clothing- and cosmetic-companies have already been active in this area for quite a while.

While it may be successful to work with celebrities, it may also take away the attention from the actual product or service. People may remember the celebrity but forget the product... There has to be a good manuscript which focuses more on the product than on the celebrity.

Another important aspect to consider, is the risk of soiling the brand if the chosen celebrity makes some kind of mistake which is hard for the buyers to forgive and forget.

As long as I find the celebrities trustworthy when they speak about the brands I like, it´s alright. If I can associate to both the brand and the celebrity, I´ll probably become a loyal customer.

måndag 9 februari 2009

Brandname as part of the design

I have a favorite among American brands when it comes to leisureclothes. Abercrombie & Fitch. Actually I don´t think that I belong to their targetgroup - I am a few years too old. However, I always find great things when I visit their stores. It is admirable that such a complicated name can build such a successful brand. It stands out. The name is often used as an important part of their design.

Now I read that Abercrombie & Fitch are looking for storelocations in Sweden. One reason is that Swedes are considered to be sensitive to trends.

Abercrombie & Fitch