onsdag 14 januari 2009

Varumärkesartikel / Article about branding

Nu finns min första varumärkesartikel på www.driftig.nu, "Skapa lönsamhet med ditt varumärke".

Now you can find my first article about branding at www.driftig.nu. (Swedish)

tisdag 13 januari 2009

Brand Extension

I have two favorites when it comes to candy. One is punchpralines. The other one is cars. This wellknown Swedish favorite-candy has quite recently launched a new package. It is a cup full of cars for cars. Great for driving. Also great for going to the movies and not wanting to disturb your neighbors with the plastic rustle. Check out the new pack here. www.ahlgrensbilar.com (Choose "Mina vänner", "110 g car cup".)

Launching a new productpack is a good way of extending your brand. It can be a new size, a new shape, a new function in the pack. As you do this, it may be wise to keep the basic parts of the graphic design. For many brands, that is what people associate the brand to and it triggers the buying impulse.

Balancing on the edge

When you develop your personal brand with good intentions for yourself and others, it is likely that you reach your goals and continue beyond them. However, if you develop your brand for the wrong reasons - for example cannibalising on others´ goals and prosperity - it is likely that your brand will be badly burnt sooner or later.

This is what seems to be happening to Mr Donald Trump...

Donald Trump

måndag 12 januari 2009

Rustad till tänderna / Being dressed to your teeth

Det finns många sätt att utveckla ditt personliga varumärke. Jag är en ivrig förespråkare av att börja inifrån med fokus på dina talanger, mål och önskningar. När du vet vad du vill, blir det lättare att utveckla en identitet och image som hjälper dig på vägen mot målet.

Så småningom når vi vårt utseende i varumärkesbyggandet. Kläder, frisyr, hållning,... När vi känner oss attraktiva och har bra självkänsla blir vi mer målinriktade. För att du ska vara helt rustad till tänderna kan du prova tandblekning! Jag har inte testat, men jag har lärt mig att leg tandläkare Eva Hultén i Stockholm är ett superproffs.


There are many ways to develop your personal brand. I believe in starting from the inside with focus on your talents, goals and wishes. When you know what you want, it will be easier to develop an identity and image which helps you on your way towards your goal.

Sooner or later we will reach our physical appearance in our branddevelopment. Clothes, hairstyle, bodyposture... When we feel attractive and confident we will become more focused on our goals. You can get dressed to your teeth by trying toothbleeching. I haven´t tested yet, but I have learnt that dentist Eva Hultén in Stockholm is a superpro.