torsdag 30 april 2009

Sense it

Today you can read my article about branding through attracting peoples´ senses in different ways. Visit The article is in Swedish.

tisdag 28 april 2009


Different persons need different kinds of energy to be their best. Besides good people and fun challenges, I need fresh air, free horizons and the magic of nature. Without getting that refill every now and then, I would shrink into a tiny little raisin. Last weekend I got a great energy-boost. We hiked in the woods and by the lakes south of Stockholm. The weather was perfect, the salmondinner and wine by the lake in the sunset was magnificent. Sleeping in a tent with friends smalltalking outside is also nice.

Breakfast by an open fire, doing the dishes in cold lakewater, walking through fields of blue, yellow and white flowers... Time for reflection, discussions and laughter. I am reloaded.

Grasp the moment

I passed by a park filled with cherryblossom trees on my way home from a meeting this morning. I was amazed by the beauty and the magic as I stopped under the pink flower-sky. It was like a fairy-tale.

A mom with a heavy camera had styled her little daughter in pink clothes - hair-ribbons, cardigan, skirt, rubberboots... Everything was pink. She even had a pink icecream-cone in her hand. Strawberryflavour. It was all set for a perfect pink picture of a perfect pink girl and a perfect pink flower-background. Perfect consistency. This was cute for the moment and the purpose, but it would not have been a great way to style a grown up person. There was no flaw in the picture. A flaw can make a picture more interesting.

Regardless of branding - make sure to grasp a moment under the cherry-blossom trees.