onsdag 11 augusti 2010

Kill your freights

My love for mountains is not effortless. When there are very steep parts where it is possible to fall down and either die or get extremely hurt, my mind and my legs do not work as they should. I am greatful for this warning-system sometimes, but not always.

To challenge this heightfreight, we went rock-climbing by the Mediterranean. Fantastic!

If you don´t kill your freights, they will grow stronger.

tisdag 10 augusti 2010

Aiming for the top

I will always love mountains. They give me pain, but they are gorgeous. Looking at the world from a top is the best.

This summer we biked from Locarno in Switzerland to Lake Garda in Italy. It was very tough at times. Big rolling stones on the trails, extremely steep parts, slippery at times... However, it is worth the effort. Just look at this view.

måndag 9 augusti 2010


This summer has been full of adventures and challenges. First mountainbiking in the alps, then rock-climbing by the Mediterranean. I am filled with energy. It is through challenges that we grow. I had to challenge my freight of heights while climbing those steep rocks. When my freight helps me to avoid danger it is good. When it stops me from good adventures, it is only in the way.

There will be more challenges coming up now, this time less dangerous and more connected to normal living. However, there are always ways to push a bit further, so that we can get more out of every situation. Some extra knowledge, some new connections, a better result, more fun... We should search for difficulties and challenges all the time.

Only by coming to grips with difficulty can you realize your full potential.

söndag 8 augusti 2010


We can not build our brand simply by sitting in an office. We need to be out there, among people. That is were we can add those subtile dimensions to a brand. Make people relate to our brand with emotions, not just with their logic mind.

If you have employees, they will build your brand in all their meetings. They are your tentacles to your clients. The way they speak and act is essential to how you will succeed.

Spontaneous meetings are just as important as the arranged ones. Enjoy them.