lördag 18 juli 2009


I was told that there are loads of blueberries to pick this year. So I went to grandma´s forest to look for them. There were flies and a tick or two. I found blueberries enough for a tiny blueberry-pie, no more. On the other hand - a blueberry-pie is always a blueberry-pie.

söndag 12 juli 2009

Structure and space

I believe that every creative process needs some structure. There is a balance, though. Too much structure is like being caught in a net - no space for improvisation, easy to suffocate from the lack of space and oxygen.

We need the perfect balance between structure and free space. Enough structure in order to know the goals and directions. Enough space to be able to go beyond the ordinary, create new ideas and let the mind find new ideas.

Creative people may need more space. Structured people may need more structure. There will always be a mix of both.