fredag 9 januari 2009

Obama Part II

We have talked about the brand Obama here before.
Here is an interesting article about the way he has worked with social media.

Tack för bidraget, Claes!

How Obama Tapped Into Social Networks´Power

torsdag 8 januari 2009

Being an attractive employer in tough times

In times like these it might be easy to forget trying to be an attractive employer. People will stay anyway, won´t they?

If you think like that, you need to change your perspective. This is the time when you need motivated employees. This is when you need people to talk about your brand in an enthusiastic way. Your employees are your best ambassadors. Keep them happy and motivated!

There are lots of things that you can do as an employer. Education, working environment, interesting projects, fellowship activities that don´t have to cost much... This is an important time for you to stand up for your employees and develop the company with their help. And when we´re back in the good times, your employees will be closer connected to you than ever before. Use this great chance to build your employer brand. Keep them up and running!

tisdag 6 januari 2009

The power of words

When we try to build an image around a product, company or ourselves, it is important to choose how we express ourselves. Positive expressions will spread a positive image. Negative expressions will make the customer and market doubtful. You´ll be lucky if the market believes in something that you yourself don´t believe in.

So what if you think that there are flaws in the product or in yourself? Well, work on the flaws but don´t focus on them when you speak or write . Focus on the good stuff. Keep your head high.

Time for reflection

Most of us have had a few days off during the holidays. There may have been some time for reflection and plans for the new year.

For the last 25 years I have written a letter to myself around New Year. It´s about all the things that have happened during the previous year, and what I expect for the new year. It´s both like a closure and a start of something new. The letter is sealed, and one year later I get to read it. It´s always exciting to find out if my year-old-plans have been followed through or not. Usually they have.

We need closures and new starts. Maybe we need to change direction in some way to reach our goals. If we get some time for reflection, we can quite easily move into something new with great energy. Know your goals and aim for them. That is part of building your personal brand.