torsdag 12 mars 2009

Matilda´s Food Paradise

There is an Italian Restaurant in Täby, Stockholm, where the chef is an important part of the brand. He´s in his 60´s, I guess. He wears his chefhat with a nice twitch and he makes the pizzas in a woodfired baking oven which is part of the restaurant.

Without him and his oven, the place would be a lot more ordinary, although the food is good. He´s the guy that gives this place a good Italian image. I should have brought my camera for lunch today. I´m sure that he is quite photogenic.

Matildas Matparadis

onsdag 11 mars 2009

Keep or loose your customers

I deal with two insurance companies - one for my private stuff and one for my company. One of them works great. The other one has consequently given me quite a bad impression through parts of the staff. Bad knowledge about the services and a scrubby attitude. Everytime I have to contact them, I seem to loose energy. I either need to make a change in my choice of insurance companies or in allowing it to spoil my good mood. Maybe both.

Isn´t it amazing how much the employees mean to a company! Every contact with a client is extremely important in order to keep selling and increasing results. In some cases it has to do with the employer brand. People may not feel at ease with their employer and it affects their own accomplishments. Then it may be time for them to search for a different employer. And sometimes the employer needs to search for a different employee. Go out and find some better sheep for the herd.

måndag 9 mars 2009

Go beyond the conditions

We were skiing and skating in Dalecarlia - a bit up north in Sweden - this weekend. It was snowing on Sunday. Bad sight - but good powder to ski in! It was thaw on Saturday, which covered the ice on the lake with water - but it was quite an adventure to skate in it!

We could have chosen not to ski and skate because of the weather conditions. We could have stayed home and sulked about the weather. It would have been quite boring. Instead we had a great weekend with lots of fresh air, a couple of good workouts and new experiences.

Conditions can be good or bad. We can choose how we look at them and how we handle them. Usually there are positive experiences to find, if we choose to look at things from a positive and constructive angle.