fredag 2 oktober 2009

Visa ditt rätta jag!

Nu startar vi inspirerande workshops i Stockholm på kvällstid, där du får möjlighet att utveckla ditt personliga varumärke tillsammans med andra i en mindre grupp. Anna-Karin Lingham föreläser och leder gruppen. Vi träffas vid fyra tillfällen.

Kom som privatperson eller företagare. Besök Workshop för mer info.


torsdag 1 oktober 2009

Hosting the very Radioshow of Sweden

I used to think that I wanted to live my life in such an adventurous and interesting way, that I would be qualified to be the host of a Sommar-program in Swedish radio one day. Not that I need to host one of those programs - I just want to feel that I would qualify and that life is inspiring enough along the way. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don´t.

At least the adventures of life are interesting enough. And summer was good.

Anna Anka

One may disagree with the ideas and opinions of Anna Anka. Still she is a fantastic example of how fast a person can build a personal brand in a deliberate way.

I believe that Anna Anka is bright enough, regardless of her opinions. I think that she knows quite well how her statements can be perceived as stupid and oldfashioned from a Swedish point of view. She plays with us, and is probably having a blast when she looks at our reactions. I also get the impression that she is bold and insensitive to critique. She goes her own way - which for her gives rise to money and fame. What does she have to loose, really?

In order to build a strong personal brand, you need to stand out in a crowd. You also need to be clear about your goals and your values. Then you need to act on it and build your image. If you are covered in media, you will not be in total control of the image that is being spread about you. Still, there are lots of tools that you can use to get it your way, more or less.

There may be more likeable persons to follow when it comes to personal branding, but I will be observant about how long Anna Anka will be covered in media. She may be a mayfly - gone in a month. She may also take the opportunity to build other concepts around her brand - clothes, perfume, write a book... Well see. The question is - Who will be interested in becoming an Anna Anka-fan in the long run? Is there substance enough to provoke people for more than a few weeks? She is too old to be a rolemodel for young women. Still they are probably more rebellic than the older ones, and may enjoy some of her actions.

Who is her targetgroup, really? Men? And do they care?

I overheard a discussion

At the hairdresser the other day I overheard a discussion between two employees. They were commenting their fellow worker who overslept and turned up two hours late that morning - which of course caused disappointed and lost clients.

It was a negative conversation. I wasn´t interested - quite the other way actually. It gave me an impression of a disharmonic staff.

My haircut was quite good, but will it be overshadowed by my impression of the place? I don´t know yet. The problem for them is that the thought of changing to another hairdresser has even entered my mind.

Keep the internal issues to yourself. Your clients do not want to know about them. (Some may want to, but only in order to spread the word about your issues to others.)

måndag 28 september 2009

Living the brand

Companies which understand that living the brand is essential, will become almost unstoppable. Decisions will be easy to make, the staff will work in the same direction and customers will become loyal.

The management must understand that their task is to serve the brand in all decisions -large or small. If the management is not clear about this, there will without a doubt be signs of "unfaithfulness" in the financial result.

If the brand is not straight and clearly described, it will be hard to serve it. There must be a brand platform, well worked through and easy to apply in all communication. The management of the company should be responsible of creating, implementing and caring for the brand platform. In order to create a strong brand, you need to be patient and work focused on a longtermbasis.

Successful companies do almost always have a clear and concise brand to live and serve.

Build a colorful brand. Then live it!