måndag 18 april 2016


Nu har konstbrickorna kommit. En för varje gäst eller sinnesstämning. Intresserad? Läs mer på lingham.tictail.com.

Måndagsnöje i brickfabriken. Imorgon går leveransen till några av er. 

4 kommentarer:

Jim Marven sa...

Why is branding important to a business?

Anna-Karin Lingham sa...

With branding you will be more in command of how the market perceives you - and if they choose to buy what you offer or not. The picture of your company/product will be clearer both for yourself and the market. When you look at branding as a cohesive strategy for your business, you are likely to be more profitable than if you do not work with branding at all. And it is fun at the same time.

breastaugmentation sa...

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Isabel Bent sa...

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